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Redbridge Young offenders inspired by creative community art project

Redbridge Young offenders inspired by creative community art project

Due to legal constrictions we could not take images of young offenders.  Here is the poster used by the Redbrideg Young Offender Team. 

East Ilford Betterment Partnership held a series of community art sessions with young offenders from the local area.  The project which was funded by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills enabled troubled teenagers to learn new skills in spray art, whilst introducing them to the earth sciences through short talks on geology, palaeontology and archaeology.  

Inspired young people created some wonderful images of star constellations, planets, geological structures and crystals.  On completion of the sessions there was a visible difference in the young people and the manner in which they behaved with one another and their instructors.   

There cooperation with one another increased due to the requirement of working together, they also appreciated the commitment, gentle instruction and mentoring from community artist Madhumita Bose.  

Madhumita Bose said;

"When I started the course I was concerned about the willingness of young offenders to learn art and science I did not think it would be very fashionable.  However, the young gentleman on the course were patient, mild mannered and extremely hard-working.  Moreover their art creations illustrated their learning had been very effective."

The EIBP will be displaying art work from the young offenders in Redbridge Central Library and at our two day Mammoth festival, in ilford Town Centre 27th and 28th September 2014.